Reflexology Treatments

Lynda qualified with a Distinction in 2014. Since gaining experience and seeing the many benefits of reflexology she decided to invest in further training, developing her skills in this powerful ancient healing practice. Lynda went on to study Mindful Reflexology, supporting clients with their mental well-being and also, Maternity Reflexology, aimed at supporting the maternity journey.
More recently Lynda has trained in Facial Reflexology for stress relief and Facial Cupping for lifting sculpting and relaxing muscle tension thus bringing balance back to the body.


Foot Reflexology  £55 (55 minutes)

Mindful Reflexology £60 (55 minutes)

Facial Cupping £60 (55 minutes)

Facial Reflexology & Facial Cupping £65 (70 minutes)

Foot Reflexology & Facial Cupping £80 (85 minutes)


Please call 0151 545 1051 to speak to our Reception Team for more information or to book your
treatment with Lynda.