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Physio Clinic

At Chill Out Spa we have an unrivalled reputation for relaxation. However, therapeutic massage, if administered correctly, can also relieve pain and contribute significantly towards the healing process of many injuries. Being able to accurately diagnose the source of pain and nature of an injury is obviously a specialist field and we are fortunate to have one of the region’s best clinical specialists partnering with us here at Chill Out Spa

 Lorna McCarthy BSc (Sports Science) MCSP, SRP, AACP, OCPPP

  • Sports Injury Specialist
  • Clinical Specialist in acute musculoskeletal disorders
  • Accident & Emergency advanced practitioner
  • Has taught at Masters/Undergraduate level
  • International Speaker
  • BESS (British Elbow and Shoulder Society) member

Lorna has 21 years experience in her field. She has degrees in Physiotherapy, Sports Bio Mechanics and Psychology as well as a Masters in Manipulative Therapy and she’s HERE!

Here Every Monday – 30 Minute Appointments available

Lorna will be at Chill Out Spa every Monday for 30 minute appointments to diagnose any aches, pains and injuries you may have. She has authority, with your consent, to contact your GP and request XRays or MRI scans where circumstances dictate.

Book your consultation by contacting Lorna’s Sandymount Clinic on 01744 604040 and ask for an appointment at Chill Out Spa  

More about Lorna …

Lorna got involved in sport very early in her career, she had the opportunity to work with the Head Physio, Mo Collins, with the British Netball Team in the 1996 World Championships.  She then went on to work with an organisation called Back Up which is based in the Lake District and works with disabled sport patients, many with spinal injuries. This then led on to work with the Para-Olympics working with athletes in track, field and wheelchair events.

Following on from this Lorna became involved in Rugby, both League and Union working with Lancashire and England (Union) and St Helens and Warrington (League) and she remained in the ‘rugby world’ for 17 years.

Lorna currently has 6 heptathletes on her books who are working towards the next Olympics.

She has worked in America with tennis players and with Golfers who have sponsorships in the USA and delivers workshops/seminars on ‘How to perform the Perfect Golf Swing’ and ‘Pure Running Styles’ for athletes in order for them to perform at their best and minimise injuries.

Lorna has her own practice where she employs 12 physios but she still works 12 hours per week in A&E/Emergency Medicine for the NHS where she is a clinical specialist.  She now delivers Muscular Skeletal training for Advance Nurse Practitioners and Middle Grade Doctors.

We are lucky to have her!

Book your consultation by contacting Sandymount Clinic on 01744 604040

Remember to request Chill Out Spa for your consultation venue